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Grab your recipe books,
magazine clippings and
hand jotted recipes.

Save these recipes in
your very own Omnom
recipe collection

Browse, organise
& share all your
recipes with ease!


  • Store all your recipes neatly in one collection - No more clutter!
  • Easily find specific recipes using the search tool - Quickly pin point your recipe by searching for a key word or phrase.
  • Group similar recipes using tags and categories - Create your own tags and use them to group similar recipes for easy browsing in future.
  • Public recipe or family secret? You choose - You can share recipes with others or keep them private, its totally up to you!
  • Print recipes in PDF format - Get a nice print version of any recipe.
  • Easily add recipes to your blog posts or other web pages with the Embed tool. - Ties in perfectly with your blog so you're not typing each recipe out twice!